Challenge Convention - Corporate Car Redefined - Immerse Studios
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02 Sep Challenge Convention – Corporate Car Redefined

Ok, so I like old things. Introducing the car used for work and home. The official car (or should I say truck) of Immerse Studios in Australia.

Hank – the 1970 F100.

I’ve always liked working on cars and motorbikes. A secret passion of mine. I like the feeling of achievement (when things go right) and the strong connection to history, and an era when things were simpler (and passenger safety was virtually nonexistent). About four and a half years ago, during a night of intense eBay window shopping, I struck gold. Deploying the sniper technique a few days later, I found myself the proud owner of what was then, a hunk of (mostly) white ford that was full of hay and had not run in about 10 years. Awesome!!?

I’ll save you the long and painful restoration story *insert montage*, and move onto the point of this post… Hank was very nearly a new VW Polo. By that I mean that there was a point when I was at the local VW dealer about ready to do a deal on a new car, yet I found myself unable to. Not that I have have any issue with VWs; I simply realised that I had a choice. While it made perfect sense on paper to get a new car for the company, I would have to live with it for quite a while, and as it turns out, I decided to take a different road.

Why Hank then? Well… because I like it. Because it generates smiles and conversation. It gives me the perfect excuse to spend time with my dad, and acts as a conduit through which to pass on our mechanical knowledge to my children. Besides being a great tax deduction, it totally fits into the ‘do cool sh*t’ part of my credo. I enjoy taking Hank to business meetings and seeing it sit proudly among the silver BMWs and Mercedes of the corporate norm.

I share this with you as one example of how I have personally tried to unite my work and personal lifestyle. What is it for you?…

PS: No! I can’t help you move house!

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