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02 Sep Find Your Core Values

Hi, I’m Paul Burnett. Founder of Immerse Studios.

Even before finishing university I was running my own business, and now, more than a decade later, I still find myself walking the entrepreneurial path. Even as a kid making a killing by covertly selling soft drinks to sweaty golfers at the 17th tee, before they had a chance to make it back to the clubhouse bar, I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of running a business.

After working in the world of design and advertising, servicing multinationals and startups alike, I found myself once again redefining what it means for ME to be in business. I have never been very conventional when it comes to the setup of my own ventures, and this continues to be a constant theme …perhaps a defining one.

Being able to travel and work from anywhere (provided there is a good internet connection) is something I’ve always fiercely strived for. Maintaining this freedom has always been important, but a while back I was struck by the question ‘am I really truly free?’ Would the Paul of 10 years from now high-five me or give me a punch in the face for not daring to change? It would seem that without a holistic approach to business and lifestyle this so called freedom I have is only fleeting at best.

So it became perfectly clear that it was time to reinvent myself once again. I started looking for a lifestyle and business model that worked for me. I see this as an ongoing adventure. To be honest, I’ve even found it a little addictive. But in my search, one thing has become perfectly clear. Success looks different for everyone.

I have discovered four core values that I believe to be most important in defining my personal and business life:

  • Be helpful
  • Be kind
  • Spend time with the people who are important to you
  • Do cool sh*t

Making the leap into taking more responsibility for myself and the direction of my life has opened up so many new doors for me.  These days I maintain a home base in Australia as well as in Sweden, and have the privilege of speaking with business owners and department heads from all over the world, as we collaborate on exciting and interesting projects that hopefully, produce real and positive change.

I urge you to think about what your core values are and what success truly looks like to you. What would your life or business look like if you fully committed yourself to finding your own freedom and happiness? While I can’t provide these answers for you, I can assist you taking your business to the next level. Things have changed out there, and notions like ‘more sales’ or ‘slick advertising’ are in themselves, no longer enough. Increasingly, business leaders are looking within themselves for something real and taking a holistic approach that resonates with their core values. If this sounds like you? … go get it!

Photo Location: Buzludza, Bulgaria (goes in the cool sh*t category for sure).

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